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Track Phone - 320.857.2152


General Track Rules


All drivers and pit crews must read and sign insurance form at the front gate.
You must be 18 years of age to access restricted areas: advance staging, strip and return road.
All participants under 18, must have a minor release form signed by both parents and notarized on file with the office.
Drivers are responsible for crewmembers and spectators. If anyone is caught without a band, their driver will be disqualified and will forfeit all prize money and awards for that event.

Pit Vehicle Policy - ALL Pit Vehicles MUST be Registered:

ALL motorized pit/auxiliary vehicles MUST be registered, please see and read the Pit Registration Form and Rules.


Helmets, seat belts and long pants are required. No shorts or tank tops allowed. For cars faster than 7.40, refer to the NHRA rulebook.

Breakage or DQ:

Sorry, no refunds due to breakage or disqualification.

Rain Policy:

No rain checks after the first round. In the event of a rain out after time trials begin but before the first round, 50% credit will be honored for spectators, crew and drivers. Tech cards will receive 100% credit less a $5 handling fee.

Time Trials:

Wait in pits for your call to staging. One run per session.

ET Dial-In:

It is your responsibility to post your dial-in on the tower side and front windshield of your entry so that the tower can easily read it, and also remember it is your responsibility to check the scoreboard for your correct dial-in before pre-staging.


Cross-Talk is turned on for Super Pro, Gizmo-Gambler and any Combo Race. If you want cross-talk turned off, it is your responsibility to post an 'N' near your dial-in so that the tower can easily read it. Also remember it is your responsibility to check the scoreboard to confirm that it is off before pre-staging (if you are the faster car only, you should see a '-' in front of your dial-in).

Speed Limit:

10 mph on entire facility (except the track!)

FREE Parking:

Spectators and vehicles not needed in pit area, please park on the north (spectator) side of the track.

Camping Policy:

Camping $10/per night. Please arrive day of event, gates will be locked at 9pm. Treat others around you with respect, lights out by midnight. Keep your area clean. Pick up after your dogs. No starting your cars after 11pm or before 8am. No loud music or loud generators. NO fireworks and please NO burning of pallets or wood with nails for obvious reasons (flat tires etc)!

Race Fuel/Concessions/Souvenirs:

Race fuel, full concessions, Grove Creek souvenirs and ice are available at the track.


No Drones allowed at the track.

last update 1/19/20