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Drag Racing 101

The NHRA Summit Racing Series features a bracket racing format that allows drivers in many types of vehicles, including dragsters, roadsters, sedans, coupes, trucks, bikes and snowmobiles to compete on an equal basis against each other. Grove Creek offers money and trophy classes from the beginner to the pro (age 16 and older)!



- For detailed vehicle rules please see an NHRA Rulebook (available at the track, NHRA Website or obtain with NHRA membership.)
- All participants under 18, must have a minor release form signed by both parents or guardians .

ET Series Competition Categories

Money Eliminator

- Super Pro - cars, trucks, bikes and sleds - electronics allowed (0 – 8.00)
- Pro ET - cars, trucks, bikes and sleds - NO electronics allowed, trans brakes and 2 steps okay

*** CROSSTALK Activated for Super Pro, Gizmo-Gambler and any Special Combo Races

**Continued in 2021 - $2K Combo Race - Buy Backs every Race!

Money Eliminator P/O 16 Car Minimum Each Class
Combo WIN $2000
Combo RU $900
SEMI (Class R/U) $350
5th Rd Win $225
4th Rd Win $150
3rd Rd Win $75

Trophy Eliminator - Win 2 Rounds, Win a Trophy!

- Street Eliminator - cars and trucks, FOOT PEDAL ONLY - no box, no two-step, no trans brakes (8.00 and up)
- Pro Street - cars and trucks, no gizmos, trans brakes okay
- Super Bike/Sled - all bikes and sleds - no electronics

Super Quick Trophy Race - Trophies to Final Four (16 car min)

'Non-Gizmo' competitors who are knocked out of competition early, can pay an extra fee and get into this additional round-robin race run near the end of the day.

Gambler Races - 80% payback

For Gizmo and Non-Gizmo Racers.

Special Events for ET Bracket Racers

GCR Championship Series

Held at - Grove Creek Raceway - Grove City MN - see schedule for series dates

2020 Champions

Back Row: Nick Rademacher-Jr-Advanced, Dan Graunke-Super Bike/Sled, Dan Stumpf-Pro Street, Jacob Vickroy-Street Eliminator
Middle Row: Lauren Hess-Jr-Intermediate, Ty Reynolds-Jr-Novice, Gabbie Poole-Jr-Street
Front: Myron Streit-Super Pro
Not Pictured: Travis Reutzel-Pro Et

To Qualify to compete at the prestigious NHRA Summit Racing Series ET Finals, or win jackets, cash and prizes, you must join the Grove Creek Championship Series.
**PLEASE NOTE** All 'Race of Champions' for ET Finals will come out of the Super Pro and Pro ET Classes

-- $35 entrance fee to be eligible (sign up at track before first points race - points track from purchase date)
-- Count your best points races of the season (see schedule for details)
-- Points awarded for attendance and rounds won (buy backs included)
-- Cash, Jackets, Trophies and Prizes awarded at presentations

Money Class Cash and Prizes
----- Winner = $1000 Cash and Champion Jacket
----- Runner Up = $500 Cash and Trophy

Trophy Class Prizes
----- Winner = Champion Jacket or blanket and Champ Trophy
----- Other Places = Trophy


Held at - Grove Creek Raceway - Grove City MN - See poster below for more details!

Click on image for pdf file
Continued for 2021 it's the DUAL $5K at the CREEK! The winners of the Super Pro and Pro ET categories will battle it out for $5,000 Saturday Night and Sunday! Do not miss this one!

GCR $3K Holiday Mini-Series is BACK!

Held at - Grove Creek Raceway - Grove City MN - See poster below for more details!

Click on image for pdf file

GCR NHRA.TV Challenge - Sun Jul 25, 2021

Held at - Grove Creek Raceway - Grove City MN

2020 NHRA.TV Challenge Winners
Pro Street: Dan Stumpf
Super Bike/Sled: Ryan Schonthaler
Super Quick: Travis Baker
Super Pro: Jerry Young II
Street Eliminator: Carey Becker
Pro ET: Steve Stockton

NHRA presents its NHRA.TV Challenge for E.T. bracket racers at NHRA member tracks. The winner of each catagory is rewarded with a special-edition pewter Wally trophy (the most coveted prize in drag racing) and an NHRA.TV hat. In addition, a picture of the winners will be printed in the National DRAGSTER.

NHRA MN State Championships

Held at -

A special-event program for NHRA Member Tracks and their E.T. bracket racers. With member tracks across the country as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico, the program will recognize and award grassroots racers with a unique, specially designed NHRA State Championships Wally plaque.

Much like state high school athletic associations that conduct state championships in school sporting events, NHRA will designate and recognize one rotating annual event per state that boasts NHRA member tracks as the official NHRA Drag Racing State Championships.

E.T. bracket categories that are part of the NHRA Summit Racing Series and a Jr. Dragster class contested in the state and NHRA geographic division will receive official NHRA State Championships designation.

GCR King of the Track - Sun Sep 12, 2021

Held at - Grove Creek Raceway - Grove City MN

2020 King of the Track Winner Jim Higgins in his 69 Chevy Nova!

All class winners from this day's event (including Super Quick) will compete head to head with dials to become the King of the Track Champion, who will receive a coveted NHRA Wally and King of the Track hat. In addition, the winner's picture, will be printed in National DRAGSTER.

NHRA Summit ET Finals - Sept 17-19, 2021

2021 Held at - Heartland Park - Topeka KS

To participate in this event you must be registered in our GCR Championship Series (points program) and have run at least 2 points events in the season (see schedule for points events).
**PLEASE NOTE** All 'Race of Champions' for ET Finals will come out of the Super Pro and Pro ET Classes.

Participating NHRA member tracks across North America host regularly scheduled events and award points. At the end of the season, each track selects a team of racers from among its top points finishers to represent the track at the divisional Summit Racing Series Finals. Competitors, running in different categories based on performance, race until a champion is crowned in each category. Points totals also are tallied for team honors.

Division champions in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Motorcycle receive a division champion's trophy, jacket, and purse. They then advance to the NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championship at the season-ending Auto Club NHRA Finals in Vegas, where they receive $3,000 travel money for attending the event in California and compete for a lucrative Summit prize fund, the national championship trophy, and jacket and contingency awards.

Be A Winner, Be A Member

Be A Winner, Be A Member rewards NHRA members who win a race at an NHRA member track with prizes from sponsors.
All submissions must be submitted online and meet the entry requirements outlined there.


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